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SOSO - Green

SOSO - Green

LEMNOS was founded in 1947 as a brass casting manufacturer in Japan. They are famous for incorporating natural materials with Japanese traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics to create high quality and innovative products. The creative designs of their clocks and home accessories have garnered international recognition, winning many design awards over the years.

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  • Brand: Lemnos
  • Model: AWA13-06 GN

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The images are for reference only. Materials and products colours may vary due to resolution on computers. The design of the products may have slightly changed while minor differences exist from the intended measurements

If you have any concern about product color, dimensions and the detail of the design, please feel free to visit our showroom to check the actual products or email us for clarification. 

Please note that since our wooden products are crafted rather than moulded, each product may not be identical and may have a dimension deviation +/- 1 cm.



TAKATA Lemnos Inc. was founded in 1947 as a brass casting manufacturing industry in Takaoka-city, Toyama Prefecture, Japan and we launched out into the full-scale business trade with Seiko Clock Co., Ltd. since 1966.


The clock on the wall which is designed the clock face to be used the technique of the Thomson type of the processing to die the papers and the woods. The clock face which is punched by the form of the index puts in shadows inside and creates the expression of the clock with the three-dimensional impression.

Designed by  AWATSUJI design

  AWATSUJI design is an all-female design studio anchored by two sisters, Misa Awatsuji & Maki Awatsuji. Misa Awatsuji, a representative of the design studio, founded it in 1995 after experiencing a free-lancer.

  While mainly dealing with graphic designs like as packages and editorial, they are in active widely to sign and space planning.

  Misa Awatsuji / After graduating from a Graphic Design Course taken of Tama Art University, she received the Master’s Degree in Design at the CRANBROOK ACADEMY OF ART.

  Engaged in TAMOTSU YAGI DESIGN and then 1995, she founded AWATSUJI design CO., Ltd. Since 2011, she is an associate professor at Joshibi University of Art and Design.

  Established Noto Design Office after the return to Japan




φ254 × d50mm






Sweep Second


Plywood, Glass